January 2013

It's Time to Talk

When tradedies such as the shootings In Tucson,  the Aurora, Colorado theater, the Sikh Temple in Wisconsn, the Sandyhook School and the
hundreds of murders daily of children in our cities occur, many voices begin to be heard. Loud voices. Emotional voices. Voices that demand all or nothing. 

The voice of reason and common sense becomes a whisper and,
after a while, just goes away.

Can we keep this voice of common sense and reason alive so that the memories of the vicitms, their families and loved ones will somehow be part of the solution of commonly shared freedoms and safety?  Can we work toward making both freedom and safety available to all?

Let's keep the talk alive and productive. We each have a voting voice.  Hopefully this site will make that voice easier to be heard.

Let's keep a dialog going for common sense reasoning.

Can we use our finger for more than pulling a trigger? 
YES!  We can write a letter. We can use it to vote.
We can use it to click send for an e-mail to voice our opinion...
no matter what it is.  We can use it to raise a question. 
But most importantly we can use it.  

Click on your State for an easy list
of your elected Representatives. 
One voice DOES make a difference. 
Whatever that voice says... just say it.  

We are also listing what representatives have been the recipients of the $719,596 that the NRA has contributed to members of the Senate and House in 2012.  This listing is according to the website:

Hawaii Delaware Maine Vermont Rhode Island Connecticut Massachusetts New Hampshire New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Maryland West Virginia Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Ohio Georgia Florida Alabama Mississippi Tennessee Kentucky Indiana Michigan Illinois Wisconsin Louisiana Arkansas Missouri Iowa Minnesota Texas Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska South Dakota North Dakota New Mexico Colorado Wyoming Montana Arizona Utah Idaho Nevada California Oregon Washington Alaska
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